Guelph Celtic Orchestra


The Guelph Celtic Orchestra is comprised of mostly amateur musicians with regular jobs, who just love to play traditional music. We are also lucky enough to have several professional musicians who also do this for the love of music. We rehearse on Tuesdays when need be prior to a performance, at The Black Heritage Society for ninety minutes. If you are interested in joining please contact, we are always looking for new members with intermediate and above, playing ability.

The Guelph Celtic Orchestra was founded in 2011 by Joanne McAuley and Fiona McCairley (founding Music Director)

First Fiddle

Joyce Anderson, Sadie Campbell, Sarah Dermer, Olivia Hivon, Hannah Reilly Jackson, Joanne McAuley, Mika McCairley-Greenwell, Ailsa McCairley-Greenwell, Sarah McElrea, Michael Troop*, Sarah Wheeler

Second Fiddle

Lois Booth*, Marie Van Esch, Steve Gautreau, Doug Hilborn, Gerald Martyniuk, Jasmine Martyniuk, Ellen Woodley


 Don Campbell, Tom Wood, Jeff Rothwell, Dan Schneider


Robin McKay*, Paula Stouffer Wilson


Lois Cherry*

Paula Stouffer Wilson

Upright Bass

Cam Werner


Ailsa McCairley-Greenwell

Mika McCairley-Greenwell

 * Denotes Section Leader

The  Board of Trustees include:

 Helen McCairley (Public Relations)

Doug Hilborn (Personnel)

Paula Stouffer (Registrar)

Fiona McCairley (Music Director)

Robin McKay (Treasurer)

Michael Troop (Librarian/Secretary)